The therapy is based on the Chinese principles of Chi, or life energy, and the way it moves through the body via the meridian system. Techniques clear blocked energy and rebalance the meridian system. This is done in conjunction with the individual thinking about the distress that is troubling them. The individual utilizes left and right brain stimulation as part of the protocol. These methods are often able to eliminate a fear, phobia, or other psychological problem very quickly; and can often have profound effects on physical problems.

Often, a single treatment will eliminate the problem permanently.


The meridian system consists of 12 meridians and two primary vessels. Meridians are pathways or channels which carry subtle energy through the body. An example is the stomach meridian which starts at the inside of the big toe, runs up the inner leg through the stomach, up around the eyebrow, and ends at the bone under the eye socket. Each meridian passes through a major organ, e.g., heart, lung, spleen, stomach, etc. The meridian system and the emphasis of a smooth and balanced flow of energy (chi) was discovered and categorized more than 5,000 years ago by the Chinese. The energy system remains an important part of acupuncture and other principles of Chinese medicine.

Energy Psychology is a cutting-edge treatment rooted in Chinese medicine and contemporary psychology. The treatment is a natural, drugfree and non-invasive method used to eliminate emotional and physical distress and/or problems. Energy Psychology is a set of procedures and techniques are aimed at unblocking and balancing the body’s subtle energy (chi). Energy travels through the body via a meridian system. The individual focuses his or her mind on a distressing thought, behavior, trauma, or problem, while gently tapping a series of points (acupoints) on the body (e.g., under the eye, under the arm, under the collarbone, etc.). The acupoints are the very ends of the meridians and are close to the surface of the skin. Varied tapping sequences (algorithms) are used depending on the nature of the problem and which meridians are involved.

Often, anxieties, fears, and phobias can be cured in a single session, while more complex problems such as long lasting depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, or post traumatic stress disorder may require repeated treatments. Individuals learn the appropriate algorithms and use the sequence preventively or if the problem starts to reoccur. Due to the speed, effectiveness, and longevity of treatment, this model has been termed the Power Therapy of the 21st Century.


The psychological community has long recognized the role of chemical imbalance, heredity, trauma, and experience as important factors contributing to psychological and physical problems. The role of the body’s energy system in both causation and treatment of these problems is relatively new to the Western World. A small yet growing number of mental health professionals throughout the world continue to be trained in using Energy Psychology as part of their treatment models. Many of the procedures and techniques of Energy Psychology can be learned quickly by the lay person, making it a wonderful self-help and empowerment device. Under the supervision of a trained practitioner, one can easily and quickly gain the knowledge of how to eliminate troublesome problems and to increase feelings of well being.

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