Are you feeling you shouldn’t be taking time to read these tips? Really!!

Stress comes in many forms and enters our lives through a multitude of channels. How can we deal with such a pervasive force? Clearly, there is no singular solution to such a complex issue, but there are easy steps that work well in the war against stress. Here are some quick and easy techniques for handling pressure in these fast paced times. Optimize your potential and breathe easier by applying these simple ideas to your everyday life.

The life you save may be your own!

20 Simple Stress Busters

Making your day a little easier

      • Recognize that this is the first day of the rest of your life. the past is gone, the future not yet, try and enjoy the “now”
      • When you feel confused, troubled, or stressed, talk with a trusted friend. Confession is good for the soul and often helps clarify feelings and thoughts.
      • Look for the humor in things. Many great stories have grown out of our mishaps. Learn to laugh at yourself. If you won’t, you will find plenty of volunteers to do if for you.
      • Sometimes sitting down with a pencil and paper helps you sketch where you are, as well as what you are feeling and thinking, which generate ideas you can find helpful.
      • If you must worry, schedule a time of day and worry as hard as you like for the allotted time. Then put it back on the shelf.
      • When you forgive, it doesn’t mean you forget, it means you understand. Practive forgiving, otherwise your ill feelings can negatively affect you in many ways.
      • Associate with people who make you feel good, limit the time with those that don’t. If you are obligated to keep some contact, make it brief and infrequent.
      • Each day pick one of the many things you “should do” and “enjoy not doing it”.
      • Frustrated with a person or situation? Punch a pillow and let your feelings out. Then read #6.
      • Take a hot bath by candlelight with your favorite music, incense, and sip on your favorite beverage. Become aware of your five senses as you relax and enjoy.
      • Sometimes a good scream feels great. Riding in your car is a good place – windows up please!
      • Withdrawal time or time alone is often productive and necessary. Remember you hate to recharge your batter or it will run down or go dead.
      • Knock off your perfectionist attitude. Everyone makes mistakes, even you!
      • In trouble? Ask yourself “what is the worst thing that can happen – is it that bad? Will it matter tomorrow, next week, or next year”?
      • Give your mind a break. Find a hobby that you enjoy and allow yourself to get away from your busy mind thinking about your busy life.
      • Be optimistic. If you expect things to go well, they probably will.
      • Remember, the doing in life isn’t that bad. It is the anticipating the doing that is far more painful; as we worry about what might happen.
      • Mentally rehearse before entering a stressful situation, imagining how you want to look, sound, feel, and how you would best handle the situation. A technique very popular with athletes for peak performance.
      • A role rehearsal allows you to imagine how another person might be thinking or feeling. There are three sides to every story. Yours, theirs, and the accurate one. Cut them some slack, maybe they are as upset and sure of their position as you are. The silent treatment is no win.
      • Realize your parents are human and living with their own sets of problems and limitations. It is hard to give what you never had or give so much of what they thought you needed. But were wrong.